Welding, Forming & Fabrication: Recent Project Gallery

Our PA fabrication shop turns mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum into the parts and products that our clients need. From welding to forming to fabrication and beyond, read on to see just a few examples of recent projects completed by our highly trained team of fabrication experts! And be sure to contact us today to discuss your next metal fabrication project.

The motor mount pictured above is made from galvaneal, and uses cutting, forming, PEMing and hand assembly processes. We even specified and sourced the rubber guards, which are cut to size with a water jet before being glued precisely into place by our technicians.

The components pictured above allow a piece of heavy-duty landscaping equipment to pivot, and it uses a variety of parts that we assemble into a completed component before shipping to our client. Our shop performs laser cutting, forming, welding, plating, powder coating and assembly using both mild steel and grade 50 steel.

This uniquely-formed part is a transmission mount for a piece of equipment and is made from zinc plated mild steel. Our shop provides laser cutting, forming, welding and plating services to create these parts.

Our shop can create parts from tube stock in addition to sheet metal and plate as you can see from the frames for landscaping machines shown above. To create these finished parts, we provide tube cutting, tube bending, laser cutting, forming, welding and powder coating services. These heavy-duty frames are made from mild steel and designed to last over years of heavy outdoor use.

These stair boxes are more than meets the eye. Because of their use in a critical application, they’re manufactured with incredibly precise tolerances as well as client-specified weld quality. Our processes include machining, laser cutting, forming, TIG welding, and more, to create these aluminum steps.

If you’re looking for a PA fabrication shop that can make the parts you need precisely and quickly, contact us today to learn more. Our shop is your shop, and we look forward to learning about your needs so that we can provide a solution you can count on.

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