The SPEC FAB shop and our Honey Brook PA manufacturing campus are home to a wide range of precision cutting equipment. This allows us to create parts in-house that can be welded or formed into final assemblies and components for your products. From laser cutting to shearing to water jet cutting and more, we can turn all sorts of raw materials into the parts your business needs.

The following is a list of currently available cutting equipment. Please contact us to learn about specific capabilities, or to request a quote on your next project.

Plasma Cutting

  • Hypertherm – Powermax 600
  • Hypertherm – Powermax 1000

Water Jet Cutting

  • Various size water jet tables are available
  • Can cut metal, glass, rubber, granite and more

Laser Cutting

  • Trumpf & BLM Laser cutting machines
  • Tube and flat sheet cutting available


  • Pearson 1/4″ x 10′

Saw Cutting

  • Peerless Horizontal Automated Saw
  • Ellis Horizontal Saw
  • Jet 18” Vertical Band Saw
  • Various Chop Saws

If you’re interested in learning more about our metal cutting services, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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