Success Doesn’t Happen By Accident – It Starts With Careful Design

The design of a part sets the stage for its level of performance after it has been manufactured. Without careful design by someone with the right kind of expertise and experience, the results could be lackluster or even disastrous.

To create parts and components that are strong, durable, and made with precision, SPEC FAB offers best-in-class design services to help solve challenges and meet even the most strict requirements.

Our designers have the experience and skills to work with your raw concepts or finished CAD drawings. We have even created complex finished projects from a simple napkin sketch! To whatever degree you need us, we will ensure a smooth process and stellar results.

How We Do It
We use the latest SolidWorks computerized drafting software to generate 2D and 3D drawings of parts. This helps us detect potential issues with parts and products before they go into production—thus saving time and money.

When designing your parts and products, SPEC FAB’s designers focus on maximum manufacturability. They look at the best way to make your parts so that during high-volume production, accuracy is maintained from the first part to the last in the run.

We make it our mission to look for ways to make parts better before they’re manufactured. Our aim is to create parts that are as strong as possible—and to do that as cost-effectively as possible for you.

Design—Your First Step Toward Manufacturing An Exceptional Part
Whether you have a rough idea you need help fleshing out, or a finished drawing that could use fine-tuning, SPEC FAB is here to assist. With our expert designers and state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll ensure all your specifications are met before your parts and products go into a full production run. Contact us today about our design services and full spectrum of manufacturing solutions.

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