A Complete Metal Cutting Solution for Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum

The SPEC FAB shop and our Honey Brook, PA manufacturing campus are home to a wide range of precision cutting equipment. And this means we can cut a variety of sheet and tube materials to create the parts your business needs. From steel and stainless steel, to aluminum, titanium and other metals, our laser cutting, water jet cutting and plasma cutting services are standing by to start the process of turning raw metal into your finished parts and components.

Even beyond metal cutting, our in-house team of designers, project managers, machine operators and quality control technicians will work together to make sure your finished parts are on time, on spec and on budget. From initial design review, to final QC check, we’ll communicate and collaborate every step of the way to help ensure a successful project. Best of all, with a variety of cutting, fabrication and finishing processes in-house, we can be a one-stop metal fabrication solution that will minimize timelines and maximize accountability on your projects.

If you’re interested in learning more about our laser cutting, water jet cutting, and other metal cutting services, please contact us today. Our team is your team, our shop is your shop, and we look forward to determining how we can help!

Our Shop is Your Shop. How Can We Help You?