At SPEC FAB, once we’ve fabricated the necessary parts we can provide complete sub assembly and final assembly services for your product. Our goal is to help your organization in whatever way we can, and if that means assembling a single product or 1,000 products, we’ve got you covered right down to packing, crating and shipping.

Thanks to the experience gained through our sister company, TURF TEQ, a manufacturer of professional landscaping equipment, we have the tools, processes and trained technicians needed to deliver accurately-assembled finished products. We’ll even crate your products, affix shipping labels and load them onto a common carrier truck for shipment to your end users.

Using our proprietary RIAT software, we can map the assembly process and create clear documentation that’s easy for an assembly tech to follow. Using pictures, text and video, the RIAT system provides an easy-to-understand guide for assembly that ensures a quick and error-free process.

It also means that information on product assembly is not limited to the experience of one or two technicians. Thanks to the clear visuals provided by the software, just about anyone can step in and correctly assemble just about any product.

Best of all, our Honey Brook, PA fabrication shop is close to major highways and transportation hubs including Philadelphia, New York and Baltimore. This makes us a great choice for assembly, crating and shipping of your finished products no matter where they’re headed.

If you’d like to learn more about our manufacturing assembly services, contact us today. Our team is standing by and ready to help!

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