Three Signs You’re Choosing the Right Aluminum Welding Service

Not every PA welding shop is created equal. If quality and consistency of your parts matter, then you should put some thought into the shop you choose to work with.

As you’re selecting an aluminum welding shop, here are three qualities to watch for. If a shop doesn’t have all three, you might think twice before working with it.

  • A Team That’s Highly Trained and Collaborative
    In order for a job shop to handle your aluminum welding needs, it should have a team with experience and expertise in using the latest welding equipment. Even the best equipment can’t run itself, so highly skilled welding professionals are a must.At SPEC FAB, our welders have the training and mastery to produce superior results when performing MIG welding, TIG welding, and pulse arc welding. They work closely with our designers, administrators, and YOU to ensure every outcome meets your project’s requirements and exceeds your expectations.
  • Advanced Welding Equipment
    A job shop should have the best welding technology in-house, so it can deliver the results you need while meeting your deadlines and budget. SPEC FAB has top-of-the-line welding equipment that enables us to deliver precision and quality on every job. We calibrate our welding equipment annually to make sure it delivers superior performance at all times.
  • More Than Only Welding Services
    Welding is just one aspect of the manufacturing process. Shouldn’t the job shop you choose have other capabilities, too? When one shop can handle all facets of your projects, you save money, time, and get better results.

At SPEC FAB, we do far more than welding. We’ll handle every aspect of your project from design, prototyping, fabrication, finishing, assembly—and shipping if you need us to. By keeping the production of your parts in-house from start to finish, you’ll reap the benefits of faster turnarounds, lower costs, and less hassle.

Ready to work with a manufacturing partner who can fulfill your aluminum welding service needs, but also handle all other processes, too? Contact us today to find out how we can help you on your next project!


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