Three Reasons Why MIG Welding Rocks for High-Volume Projects

If you have a high-volume fabrication project that involves welding many joints in a short amount of time, Spec Fab’s skilled MIG welding technicians will ensure your job is done fast and right. MIG welding is one of our specialties, and it plays an important role in our high-quality fabrication services.

What Makes MIG Welding Great for High-Volume Fabrication Projects?

1. MIG Welding Gets the Job Done Quickly
MIG welding is ultra-efficient, with a fast travel speed that allows for producing high-quality welds quickly. It also requires less time to set up. With less preparation time needed, our welders can get to work—and finish the job—faster.

2. MIG Welding Delivers Continuity
MIG welding enables technicians to deposit more metal on the pass of the torch than other welding techniques do. Because welders can complete a MIG joint in fewer passes, this can save significant time and reduce labor costs.

Also, because the wire is continuously fed into the MIG welder, there’s less stopping and starting during the welding process. That consistency in the workflow can potentially shave off hours on every project.

3. MIG Welding Can Be Cost Effective
MIG welding requires less welding time per part which can save you money when you need less-complex parts and are ordering at high volumes. Our welding team is incredibly skilled at what they do. They produce superior MIG welding joints for strong parts in a time efficient manner so your parts are done right and delivered on time.

We’re Ready to Support Your Next Welding Job
Contact us to learn more and discuss whether MIG welding or another form of welding is the best fit for your project. As a full-service shop for all of your design, prototyping, fabrication, finishing, and assembly needs, we’ll recommend and implement a solution that will give you optimal results.

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