The Beauty of TIG Welding: Our Team of Expert Welders Deliver the Most Precise Parts

At Spec Fab, we’re here to deliver the highest quality parts and products that allow your business to run strong. One of the ways we do this best is with our high quality in-house TIG welding expertise.

What is TIG welding?
TIG welding is another name for gas tungsten arc welding. It’s one of the most popular welding processes because it produces high-quality welds — but it also requires a high level of skill.

At Spec Fab, we are a complete welding shop that can create all types of complex welded assemblies. Our fabricators are highly trained, and our decades of experience have enabled us to consistently deliver parts and products that are strong, high-quality, and long-lasting.

TIG Welding is Ideal for Complex Parts
TIG welding can be used for more metals than any other type of process. The finished product is a sound, slag-free weld that shares the same corrosion resistance properties as the parent metal. A variety of industries rely on TIG welding for these reasons, including auto body repair, the construction of spacecraft and airplanes, and even artistic sculpture.

Spec Fab’s TIG welding equipment is calibrated annually for quality assurance. It also features multiple robotic weld cells that are capable of high-volume, precision output.

Our Professionals Undergo Extensive Training
TIG welding requires a high level of focus and hand-eye coordination because there’s only a small area of space separating the flame from the base metal. Becoming a highly skilled TIG welder requires patience, practice and extensive training. Each of Spec Fab’s fabricators, engineers, and project managers are trained in blueprint reading to ensure you get a quality part made exactly as defined on your print.

Our AWS Certified employees are on the top of their game. Learn more about one of our senior welders, Luis, and what lead him to his passion for TIG welding.

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Even beyond TIG welding we provide forming, cutting, and finishing services along with expert, friendly advice and custom manufacturing solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about our TIG welding capabilities and all of the ways we can support your business. We look forward to working with you.

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