What is MIG Welding? And When Is It The Right Process for Your Parts?

While the primary goal of different forms of welding is similar, some projects yield better results from one welding technique more than others. By choosing the right type of welding for your fabrication project, you can ensure the joints will be strong enough to stand up to corrosion longer.

At Spec Fab, two of the welding processes that we use are MIG welding and TIG welding. In this post, we’ll explain what MIG Welding is and when it may be an ideal option.

MIG Welding Explained

In MIG welding, consumable filler wire is automatically fed into and out the end of the welding gun’s nozzle. It then forms an electric arc that melts the wire and joins it to the metal it touches.

Another name for MIG welding is “point and shoot welding.” This term aptly describes how it involves aiming the welding gun, pulling its trigger, and moving it along the joint to complete the bond.

A few of MIG welding’s pros are:

  • It’s fast
  • It’s strong
  • It’s cost-effective

When Is MIG Welding the Right Choice?

1. High-Volume Projects
MIG welding has a definite speed advantage over TIG welding. It requires less preparation to set up and the travel speed when welding is faster. These qualities make it ideal for high-volume projects that require the output of many weldments.

2. Steel Projects
MIG welding is generally preferred for steel. Steel doesn’t always give welders a clean surface to work with. Since MIG welding doesn’t require a clean surface to fuse metals successfully, it can be a great choice. MIG welding can also handle thicker materials, such as a 1-inch plate, that other welding processes can’t accomplish.

3. Projects Involving Dissimilar Metals
When joining different types of metals, such as carbon steel to stainless steel, MIG is a good option. Dissimilar metals will require filler materials to enable a bond. In MIG welding, the electrode wire fed through the gun melts into the joint, allowing the two metals to be joined without heating either of the pieces to their melting point.

Is MIG Welding Right for Your Project?

Contact us today and let’s talk. We’re an experienced MIG welding shop with a team who will understand your project goals then help you determine which welding technique will deliver the results you need. Whether MIG, TIG, or Robotic Welding, Spec Fab has the technology and expertise to ensure it’s done right.

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