The Benefits Of A Multi-Faceted Manufacturing Job Shop

When you need parts manufactured, using multiple job shops to do the work can lead to frustration and missed deadlines. Why take that risk? Instead, consider working with a manufacturing partner who has all the important bases covered.

At SPEC FAB, we’re more than a metal fabrication shop. We have the expertise, skills, equipment, and other resources to handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. Design, prototyping, cutting, fabrication, finishing, assembly, and shipping—we can do it all from our multi-capable job shop in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania.

By relying on us as your one-stop manufacturing partner, you’ll have the advantages of:

  • Efficiency – Your parts will be completed more quickly because you won’t need to waste time explaining what you need accomplished to multiple companies. You tell us once, and we take care of everything from there.
  • Accuracy – Your parts will be made with precision because no critical information will slip through the cracks. When you use multiple shops, you risk that something might be missed during the hand-off. That won’t be a concern when you work with us. Plus, we have strict quality control processes in place to ensure perfect work on every project!
  • Cost – You’ll find that putting your entire project in our hands will save money as well as time.
  • Peace of mind – With us managing your project from beginning to end, you’ll always know the status of your job. We keep you up to date on its progress, and we are always available to answer your questions.

One Partner, One Vision
At SPEC FAB, our shop is your shop and we’re committed to making your parts and products the best they can be. You share your vision, and we’ll see that it happens. Contact us today about partnering with you on your next manufacturing project.

Our Shop is Your Shop. How Can We Help You?