Metal Fabrication Project: Artistic Vent Stacks

We get excited when our metal fabrication service has the chance to build a unique and creative project! And these artistic vent stacks are no exception. 

These functional pieces of urban artwork were designed by a creative studio, brought to life by our designers and fabricators, and installed in Center City Philadelphia. Read on to learn more about this project, and contact us today to discuss your next unique and artistic metal fabrication project.

Designed to reroute heat away from street level and create a more comfortable streetscape for pedestrians, these vent stacks are made from 5052 flat sheet aluminum and 8” aluminum tube. The goal was to create an appealing structure that was robust enough to avoid damage in a busy downtown environment.  

To create this project, we started with the customer’s concept and developed shop drawings and details. We then came up with a manufacturing plan and process to achieve their desired result. 

What looks like a simple chimney structure is actually made from multiple aluminum components. The cone is bump-formed in two halves and then seamlessly welded together. To finish the structure, the top stack is bolted in place with stainless steel, tamper-proof hardware.

Inside the vent stack are multiple layers of a unique Pyro Gel insulation, which uses nanotechnology to prevent the stack from heating up. The insulation is applied in three layers and held in place using threaded studs and wing nuts. 

Once fully assembled, the vent stacks are inspected by our quality control team and shipped off to our client for final painting and installation in Philadelphia.

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