A Metal Fabrication Service for Custom Steel Trusses

At SPEC FAB, we’re experts at fabricating custom steel trusses for a wide array of needs. Thanks to decades of experience as a metal fabrication service, we are a leading choice when it comes to fabricating unique projects. The project shown below is an example of our work. Read on to learn more!

Building bridges is heavy work, and these structural trusses are used in a robotic system that automates bridge construction. Due to the heavy nature of the robot’s work, this project is made from heavy-duty 100XF steel, which has a tensile strength of 100 KSI. Compared with standard material, which has a tensile strength of 36 KSI, these trusses are sure to hold up even under the heaviest bridge components. 

Working from our customer’s finished drawings, we acquired the 100XF material and processed it using flat sheet laser cutting, machining, MIG welding, and powder coating. The project was made entirely from flat plate and included an array of holes, tapped holes, tabs and slots, which allowed for precise fit-up and assembly during the welding process. In addition, we welded this project to the D 1.1 Standard which is necessary when working with this unique material.

In order to guarantee that the work was completed within the specified tolerances, our QC team developed a two-step approach to verifying quality on this project. First, they performed an initial inspection when the pieces were tack welded to verify alignment and fit. Then, upon completion of the welding process, they performed a second, detailed inspection. 

Thanks to an oversized powder coating bay, we can powder coat large projects. And these trusses were no exception. With 24-foot main frames and 11-foot subframes, they easily fit through our powder coating process.

Once finished, they were delivered to our client where they were assembled into the final robotic unit and shipped off to build a bridge. 

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