Fabricating a Batch of Custom Aluminum Tanks

At SPEC FAB, we’re a sheet metal fabrication service that is often asked to fabricate custom components that must meet unique and precise requirements. And this recent batch of custom aluminum tanks is a great example of how our team executed a complex project with the utmost precision.

This complicated fabrication is made from high-quality 5052 aluminum, it is laser cut, formed, and TIG welded. To start, the necessary pieces are laser cut. Next the box itself is formed. Then it is welded, including multiple couplings and tabs which must be precisely located. Last, the client’s provided pressurized lid assembly is welded seamlessly onto the final unit, and the finished piece is leak tested.

Because this tank will hold liquid, the welded joints must be perfectly sealed. This can be a complex and difficult process on such a complex piece with so many possible failure points. Thankfully, our highly-trained welding technicians are experienced with mission-critical applications that cannot fail. And we use Miller Dynasty 800 welding systems which are one of the top machines available to ensure precision and perfect joints. All of our welding machines are calibrated annually to ensure that they’ll perform as needed on complex, high-impact parts such as these.

In order to test the finished tanks for leaks they must be sealed and pressurized. However, because they’re fabricated from lightweight aluminum the pressure used must be carefully calibrated as to not damage the unit. Our master technicians and dedicated QC team finish the job by carefully pressurizing each tank to 5-10 psi and check for leaks. They make sure each unit is perfectly sealed, perfectly sized, and built 100% to spec. Finally, the tanks are delivered back to our client for finishing and installation.

When it comes to custom tanks, SPEC FAB is set up to do any quantity from a single prototype to a full run of thousands of tanks. Our designers, fabricators, welders and quality control technicians are experienced with complex and mission-critical parts, and are standing by to support your business as well.

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