A Metal Forming Service for Long Pieces with Complex Bends

At SPEC FAB, we’re a metal forming service that you can count on to bring parts to life with precision and care. And these flashing strips are a good example of our ability to form long, thin sheet metal pieces into complex parts while meeting exacting requirements and close tolerances on a complicated part.

Since they will ultimately be installed on the exterior of a skyscraper, these parts were made from 20-gauge, galvanized steel sheet. First the parts were sheared to size, then formed to create a unique profile that precisely matched the drawings.

With a finished length of 120 inches, and an acute formed rib from end to end, these close-tolerance parts had to hold a consistent angle of +/- 1 degree across the entire length of the part.

While other shops may have shied away from committing to such a close tolerance over such a long bend on a long part, we were ready to help. Thanks to experienced designers on staff, we have a process to prove out the manufacturability of even the most complex parts.

With our state-of-the-art Bystronic presses and By-Soft software, we were able to load the client’s SolidWorks drawing right into the press brake and model the process to form the part. The software showed that not only was it possible to create the rib without “canoeing” the part and introducing distortion that would throw off the angle, but it would be no problem for our machine or operator.

To demonstrate our ability to complete the project successfully, we formed a sample part and sent it to the client to review along with our estimate. Once the client saw the sample, they knew SPEC FAB was the metal forming service they needed for the project. Subsequently, we’ve manufactured thousands of pieces of flashing that are currently protecting the exterior of skyscrapers in New York City and beyond.

We’re Ready to Work, Are You?

If you’ve got a complex, close-tolerance part, and you’re looking for a metal forming service to help bring it to life, contact SPEC FAB today. With expert machine operators and project managers, as well as dedicated quality control staff working on every project that comes through our shop, we’re ready to help. Our shop is your shop. What can we help you create?

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