Sheet Metal Fabrication Project Gallery

On any given day, there are potentially hundreds of metal fabrication, welding and design projects flowing through our sheet metal fabrication service. These projects come in all shapes and sizes, from simple forming jobs, to complex weld assemblies, to large-scale fabrication projects, and everything in between.

Read on to check out a few recent projects that caught our eye as they made their way from design to shipping, and contact us today to discuss your metal fabrication needs. Our shop is your shop, and our team is standing by to help!

These brackets shown above are part of a structural storm water management system. This system is designed to harness the flow of stormwater, remove sediment, and keep our city streets clean and safe.

To start, these component parts are laser cut from 5052 aluminum sheet and saw cut from 6061 aluminum angle. Then, they’re pulse welded using our Miller 350P MIG welding system. Our highly-trained technicians and calibrated welding systems ensure the joints are perfect and the parts are welded 100% on spec. Note the holes on the flat “T” of the bracket. These are cut during the laser cutting process to save time and minimize the number processes needed to complete the job – saving time and saving our client money.

These mild steel brackets are used in a piece of industrial equipment. They are somewhat complex, and require a thoughtful process to fabricate successfully. To start, they are laser cut, and then they are formed. From a forming perspective, the part requires multiple precision bends and multiple angles, which can be difficult for less-experienced operators using older equipment. But thanks to our highly-trained machine operators, and our state-of-the-art Bystronic press brakes, we can form this complex part in a single process.

To accomplish this our technician sets up multiple stations on the machine, and the machine’s automated multi-axis backstop moves into position for each bend. This allows our techs to work quickly and precisely to create these complex formed parts.

The mild steel parts shown above are mounting plates for an industrial generator system. These parts are laser cut from mild steel, then formed. Once the necessary bends are precisely created, they move on to our welding department. There, our AWS-certified welders MIG weld use custom fixtures to hold the components in place to create a precise welded assembly. In fact, we take quality control seriously! Every part is inspected by our in-house Quality Control manager before it leaves the building. This ensures that every single part is fabricated on spec, every single time.

Once each assembly passes our QC process, it is powder coated in Primer gray and shipped off to the client. SPEC FAB handles the entire process from initial cutting through to delivery, acting as a single, accountable, point of contact. This saves our client time, money and the aggravation that can come from dealing with multiple vendors for multiple stages of a project.

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From small to large, simple to complex, when it comes to metal fabrication, forming and welding, our shop is your shop. Whether you’re looking for a single prototype, or a full production run of parts, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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