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At SPEC FAB, we’re a precision welding service that can create the parts your business needs. Whether its MIG welding, TIG welding, manual welding or our robotic welding services, our expert designers and highly-trained technicians will bring your parts and components to life on time, on budget and on spec.

Explore a few of our recent projects below. And contact us today to discuss your next project. Our shop is your shop, and we’re standing by to help!

The project shown above is a pivot arm for a massive highway plow. We fabricated it using tube laser cutting, saw cutting and robotic MIG welding in our Honey Brook, PA shop.

Made from mild steel, the part includes a piece of DOM round tubing with a 1.03-inch internal diameter that can accept a 1-inch stainless steel pin without additional machining. We worked together with our client to implement this solution to simplify the manufacturing process and ensure the pin would fit accurately on every piece.

This project shown above is a push bumper for a truck outfitting company. Made from flat steel and tube components, it completes a structural bumper assembly for a heavy-duty truck body. We fabricate this part to precision dimensions using tube laser cutting, forming and MIG welding.

Notice how the tube component passes through the formed angle, and how the formed angle is reinforced with welded struts on each part. These bumpers are a structural weldment that will hold up even under extreme on-road conditions, providing much-needed protection to the driver and payload.

Continuing with the theme of vehicle components, the part shown above is a commercial plow blade manufactured for an OEM of heavy-duty truck components. Made from hardened steel, this part is fabricated with plasma cutting, forming and MIG welding.

The unique design makes the blade easily replaceable, thanks to a series of tabs and bolts. Made from 4-inch cutting-edge steel, our craftsmen cut and formed the tabs, cut the blade iron, and MIG-welded the tabs in place precisely as shown on the drawings.

Thanks to expert technicians, custom jigs and fixtures, and finely-calibrated machine tools and welding torches, our team worked through this project quickly and successfully.

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