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If you’re looking for a metal fabrication service that can get the job done right, with attention to detail, speed and precision, Spec Fab can help. Thanks to a highly trained team, smart processes, and a wide range of in-house fabrication and assembly services, we are a leading choice for OEMs that require highly-durable fabrications that meet specific requirements.

Read on to learn a little bit about a recent project that highlights our unique capabilities to fabricate, assemble, test and ship a complex project. And contact us today to learn more about how to gain military-grade quality on your next project.

This recent project shown above involved the fabrication and assembly of a batch of trailers to house various types of advanced communication equipment. With durable construction that can stand up to any terrain, this project included a few unique features.

To start, we reviewed the client’s provided design, which included a variety of detailed shop drawings, and came up with a manufacturing plan that incorporated the various component parts of the trailer unit. Then, we got to work!

First, we fabricated the chassis. Our work on the chassis included laser cutting, saw cutting, forming, MIG welding and TIG welding.

Next, we brought the trailer frame and components to life. Made from heavy-duty steel, we used flat sheet laser cutting, tube laser cutting, forming and MIG welding to build the various component parts which we then assembled into a sturdy frame and joined with the chassis components described above. This also included fabricating a number of complex component parts and assembling them with precision.

Additional parts and components for the trailer required tube laser cutting, welding of internal cable guides and flanges and more. In addition, multiple internal components were tabbed and slotted to ensure proper alignment, which utilized a variety of spacers and bushings to ensure correct fit and operation. We then assembled the client’s components, supplied separately, to complete the project.

Once the component parts were complete, the entire chassis, including tower and outriggers, was hot-dipped galvanized inside and out on all surfaces. This coated all surfaces with zinc to maximize resistance to the elements and provide the ultimate corrosion resistance. Hot-dipped galvanizing is one of the best corrosion resistance methods you can implement on steel parts.

After the components were galvanized, we powder coated everything to a military-spec finish. Thanks to this process, these trailers should hold up incredibly well to the elements in just about any location worldwide.

To support the project, the client provided a full kit of third-party components and parts, including lights, reflectors, generator, jacks, wheels, wire harnesses, and hardware that Spec Fab assembled and tested. We followed the client’s detailed wiring diagram to connect the integrated generator and lighting components. 

Throughout our work on this project, we followed our detailed internal QC process, as well as project-specific QC parameters and the client’s own provided QC checklists. This included first article inspection, as well as final inspection after welding. In addition, the client was on-site to oversee key milestones in the build. This allowed us to collaborate closely and quickly solve any manufacturing issues that arose during the process.

Once finished, each trailer was fully tested, packaged, and shipped off to our client who then shipped the units off to their end customer. Unfortunately, we can’t show the finished project, or say what exactly it is, but needless to say we are proud to be a part of such a unique and important project!

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