6 Characteristics to Look for in a Stainless Steel Forming Shop

Have you been looking for a fabrication shop that can handle stainless steel forming and the other manufacturing processes needed to produce your parts time-efficiently and cost-effectively?

Finding the right stainless steel forming service can be a challenge, but it’s important because your company’s profitability can be affected by your choice of vendors. How can you tell if a stainless steel forming shop is capable and reliable? Look for one with the following characteristics.

Quality is never a second thought.

  1. It has a track record of keeping up with technology.
  2. It has best-in-class forming equipment in-house.
  3. It specializes in more than just forming services.
  4. It has hands-on experience with production.
  5. It has a creative and collaborative team.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place by checking out what we offer at SPEC FAB! Read on to learn why.

Quality always comes first.

We don’t leave quality to chance. We inspect parts early on and throughout the entire process, so we can detect any errors and inconsistencies quickly. This attention to detail eliminates the wasted time and money that occurs when vendors don’t monitor quality effectively.

We embrace technology and invest in top-of-the-line equipment.

SPEC FAB invests in the latest technology and we maintain versatile, dependable forming equipment in-house. We can handle all types of bending, from simple to incredibly complex. Our technicians are highly trained and have the expertise to form parts perfectly every time.

SPEC FAB’s stainless steel forming equipment includes:

  • Di-Acro Hydra-Power Press Brake (8-foot width, 75-ton capacity)
  • Darley EHP 135 Press Brake (8-foot width, 150-ton capacity)
  • Darley EHP175 Press Brake (10-foot width, 200-ton capacity)

We do more than forming.

Because we have the tools and in-house expertise to provide a full range of manufacturing processes, we can save your business time and money on every job. In addition to forming, we also do design, cutting, welding, fabrication, assembly, and more.

We know first-hand the ins and outs of production.

We understand—and respect—what it’s like to be in your shoes! Our sister company is a manufacturer of commercial grade lawn care machinery, so we have first-hand production experience. We know what it takes to be efficient, precise, and profitable.

Our team is creative and collaborative.

No matter how unique your requirements or issues, the SPEC FAB team has the problem-solving abilities and experience to develop solutions that will satisfy your needs. When you work with us, you will appreciate our collaborative mindset and open communications. We keep you informed through every step of the process, so you always know the status of your project.

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