7 Signs You’ve Chosen a Capable Aluminum Forming Service

Forming is an essential part of the manufacturing process for a wide variety of manufacturers. And because your business’s profitability can be affected by kinks in your supply chain, it’s critical to find an aluminum forming service that can provide the workmanship and value that you need to make your projects successful.

But how can you assess if a shop is up to the challenge?

Here are seven characteristics of an aluminum forming shop you can count on:

  1. Its owners and management constantly invest in technology.
  2. It maintains a variety of forming equipment in-house, so it has a wide range of forming capabilities.
  3. It does more than just forming.
  4. It has production experience and understands manufacturing best practices.
  5. It puts quality first.
  6. It has a collaborative team.
  7. It has a creative team.

At SPEC FAB, for example, we do everything we can to be the kind of job shop customers can have confidence in and trust 100 percent with their forming projects.

Technology And Equipment

We stay up-to-date with the latest technology (including CNC control) and invest in best-in-class forming equipment that enables us to handle all types of bending. Our highly-trained technicians are skilled in their craft and create formed parts that meet precise specifications every time.

At SPEC FAB, our in-house aluminum forming equipment includes:

  • Darley EHP175 Press Brake (10-foot width, 200-ton capacity)
  • Di-Acro Hydra-Power Press Brake (8-foot width, 75-ton capacity)
  • Darley EHP 135 Press Brake (8-foot width, 150-ton capacity)

Multiple Manufacturing Capabilities

Besides our aluminum forming services, our innovative fabrication shop has all the tools and expertise in-house to do all other aspects of the manufacturing process, too. Design, cutting, welding, fabrication, assembly, and more—your company can rely on us to handle every aspect of your project cost-effectively and in time to meet your deadlines.

Production Experience

At SPEC FAB, we understand the challenges production manufacturers face. Our sister company is a manufacturer on heavy-duty grounds care equipment, so we have “walked the walk.” That experience has given us first-hand knowledge of how to manage forming, welding, assembly and all other manufacturing processes in production runs both small and large. We deliver consistency whether a job calls for ten or ten thousand parts.

Quality As A Top Priority

By carefully inspecting parts early on and throughout the entire production process, we help ensure flawless parts. By detecting errors and inconsistencies quickly, we can make the necessary adjustments immediately and avoid wasting time and money.

Collaborative & Creative

Our team works closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and develop solutions that can address even the most challenging requirements. We communicate openly and often with our clients, so they always know where their projects stand.

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