Fabricating a Custom Conveyer System

Our PA fabrication service recently finished an interesting project – the fabrication, welding, assembly and testing of a custom conveyor system that will be used to manufacture ballistic glass.

The finished project consisted of a number of component parts that had to fit together precisely in order to function as intended: a custom track, multiple dolly units, and various control system components.

When installed at the client site and fully operational, this conveyor system had to be rugged enough to withstand the glass manufacturing process while maintaining the precision necessary to produce flawless glass within precise tolerances.

Our work on this build-to-print project included an initial design phase where we helped our client identify product improvements, cost savings and manufacturing efficiencies. This led to a stronger, less expensive and easier-to-fabricate project.

After final drawings were provided by the client, our team of experts swung into action and provided:

  • Laser cutting
  • Waterjet cutting
  • MIG & TIG welding
  • Forming
  • Electrical & control system wiring
  • Final painting
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Delivery

The project came together using a combination of carbon steel and stainless steel, and included flat stock, bar stock and structural tubing. In addition, various component parts were finished with Steel-It paint, a high-tech coating that imparts the anti-corrosion properties of stainless steel onto carbon steel for use in tough industrial environments.

We finished assembling the project with thousands of pop rivets and self-tapping screws, and then fully tested the complete, automated dolly system in our facility before shipping it to the client.

We’re one of the few PA fabrication shops that can provide complete end-to-end design, fabrication, wiring, testing and delivery of complex custom-fabricated manufacturing components. And with design, project management and a variety of fabrication and finishing services in-house, our team can ensure a smooth process no matter how complex the build.

So if you’re looking for a metal fabrication service or welding service that can help bring your next manufacturing idea to fruition, contact us today. We look forward to learning about your needs and helping you fabricate a custom solution.

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