What Makes Spec Fab Your Reliable Partner for Your Largest Projects? Check Out Our Recent Large-Scale Metal Forming Project.

At Spec Fab, we continuously tell customers that we can handle any metal fabrication project they throw at us. And, with requirements for extremely precise tolerances, this large forming project kept us true to our word.

A customer came to us for this large-scale metal forming project, letting us know that our reputation for reliability was the reason they chose Spec Fab. Our team jumped into action creating a custom part that had to match an existing extrusion the customer brought us – and it had to do so within .030-inch of clearance.

Due to the close tolerance required, the customer brought in their quality control team and worked alongside our QC department and fabricators. The result was a clean, strong extrusion that matched perfectly, and a high-quality part for our customer.

Check out the gallery to see more images of this project. And, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your team achieve the large, high-precision parts you need for your next job.

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