Meet Our Quality Control Manager, Zach

Check out our latest Spec Fab feature with Zach Mayer, quality control manager for the company. Zach describes his role, why QC is now a full-time position at Spec Fab, and his process for product inspection day-to-day. You can read the full feature below. And, contact us today to learn more about how we ensure the quality of every part that leaves our shop.

Question: Last year, Spec Fab’s growth in production led to the need for a full-time quality control manager. How has this move changed things so far?

The most obvious difference is that our team has more confidence in what they’re fabricating. And, that’s increased productivity across the board. Now that I can dedicate all of my time to QC, I’m able to check in with workers throughout the day and assess parts earlier in the process. So, when we have final parts, we already know the quality is there. It’s allowed us to keep up with the growth we’ve seen in the last couple of years.

Question: What’s your QC process?

I’m either at the QC table or walking the shop to see what’s being built. When I’m on the shop floor, I want to be visible. I’m there so the team can ask questions and so I can see the quality of the work in process.

At the table, there are several steps I take before a part passes inspection.

  1. First Piece Inspections. I ALWAYS check a project’s parts after the first step of fabrication. This is especially important for large or custom jobs. It’s our best way of catching a small problem and making sure it doesn’t become a big problem.
  2. Monitoring Throughout Production. Keeping an eye on parts as they’re built is important. We want to see that jobs are running as expected throughout the entire process.
  3. Final Inspection. Our final inspection process includes several checks. At this point, we don’t expect test failures because of the close eye we keep on each job.

Question: What was your role at Spec Fab before taking the QC position full-time?

I’ve been splitting my time between quality control and welding/fabrication for the past four years that I’ve been with Spec Fab. My background is welding and I’ve always loved the work. Now though, the full-time QC role is giving me a new way to contribute to the company and allows me to help out all of our welders so they’re confident in their work.

Question: Why did you decide to get involved in welding and manufacturing?

I come from a family of welders. My grandfather spent his career welding the insides of submarines after WWII – retrofitting and maintaining the vessels. And, my uncle helped weld the PA pipeline. As a kid, I was always building something out of Legos. Welding just made sense for me and it’s led to great opportunities.

Question: And when you’re not in the shop at Spec Fab?

I’m doing something outdoors. I’m usually hiking, fishing or boating. I love outdoor sports and being outside.

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