Triggers & Brackets: Recent Forming & Metal Fabrication Projects

At SPEC FAB, we’re a busy metal fabrication service that’s always working on something new. And whether its large, complex builds, or small, simple parts, just about everything that comes through our shop has a story to tell.

Check out the photos below to learn a little bit about a few smaller-scale projects that have come through our shop, and how we used our expertise to improve the outcome. And contact us today to discuss your next forming, fabrication or welding project, we’re standing by to share ideas on how to improve your parts too!

These small, mild steel parts form the basis for a release trigger for a piece of landscaping machinery. In the past, our client created these parts with multiple complicated processes, including laser cutting, forming, machining and welding. However, we were able to help them simplify the process, reduce costs and shorten lead times. Now these parts are made with laser cutting and forming alone. The finished parts are subsequently zinc plated for a long-lasting, durable finish.

The parts pictured above are made from galvaneal and are used as motor brackets for industrial cryogenic freezers.  To create these parts, our shop uses laser cutting, forming and PEM’ing processes. PEM’ing is a great way to save time and lower costs. Instead of making these parts by welding a small nut to each bracket, our PEM station with its automated tooling quickly and effectively “cinches” the nut right into the metal, creating a high-quality permanent bond that’s faster and less expensive than welding.

These parts are brackets for an automated industrial system. Made from mild steel, our shop produces them from various size tube and square stock, using tube laser cutting and welding processes. Although they look simple, these parts must be fabricated precisely to work within our client’s system. So precision CNC cutting technology along with reusable fixtures and highly-trained, AWS-certified welding technicians minimizes rework and makes for perfect finished parts every time.

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