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Sheet Metal Design: 3 Steps for Engineering Strong, High-Quality Parts

Quality metal parts and products start with smart design and precise engineering. At Spec Fab, we can help with both. We work with customers to create solutions to some of their most complex engineering challenges, many times managing the entire process from idea to SolidWorks rendering to finished part.

Our sheet metal design and engineering process includes three areas of service that provide our customers with the confidence of knowing their parts will be better, stronger and more cost-effective to produce.

Step 1. Feasibility Analysis
First and foremost, we analyze your project to ensure we can deliver what you need. Once we review your project in detail and confirm feasibility, we can provide you with an estimated cost.

Step 2. Engineering
Once you sign off on the quoted job, our engineers get to work designing your part. Whether you come to us with finished CAD files, or ideas stored only in your head, we can provide experienced support to help ensure your designs are precise so your parts are strong.

We then create a 3D model of the part using SolidWorks to confirm all measurements are accurate and that we have a durable part. The model allows our engineers to identify any potential issues before production, saving time and money down the line.

Our team also includes expert project managers. We work alongside your team the entire way to meet deadlines and keep your job moving.

Step 3. Production
Once our design is complete and you give the ‘ok,’ we begin production. With our engineers, project managers, and fabricators all under one roof, our entire team is able to work together through each phase of the process to make sure each part is flawless. Best of all, once created, each part goes through our extensive quality control process before being shipped.

With design, engineering, project management, and production all working together, you’ll have one point of contact and you can trust that your project will run smoothly. Does this sound good? To learn more about our engineering capabilities and how we can get your job done from concept to creation, contact us today.