Three Recent Fabrication & Welding Projects

As a leading metal fabrication service and welding service for OEMs across the country, our team is constantly pushing new projects through our shop and out the door for delivery. Check out the galleries and project overview below to learn a little bit about some of the work that we do. And contact our fabrication experts today to discuss your next project. Our shop is your shop, and our team is standing by to help!

This complex weldment shown above is fabricated for the truck outfitting industry. It is used to connect a secure man-basket to the truck body – providing a stable and safe platform for an operator to stand as the truck moves.

To ensure this project meets exacting customer QC requirements, we tack weld each piece for a rigorous first article inspection before completing the work. That way we can ensure precision no matter what the quantity of finished weldments.

This piece is fabricated from ½” and ¾” mild steel plate. First, individual plates are laser cut into the exact component dimensions. Then these individual parts are formed and ultimately fitted up into a fixture for welding. Last, they are welded into the final component you see here.

Once completed, these parts are shipped off to the customer who incorporates them into their finished trucks.

At SPEC FAB, we serve OEMs in a variety of industries, and the parts shown above are used in professional-grade landscaping machines. They are ultimately installed as lift arms on a walk-behind machine and help an operator easily maneuver a heavy, complex piece of equipment.

These lift arms are made from mild steel, including solid 1” round bar and a 7-gauge steel bracket box. The round bar is saw cut and then formed, while the steel box is laser cut, formed and welded. Upon completion these parts are sanded and zinc plated to ensure a long life span, free of corrosion when used outdoors over decades.

An interesting aspect of this project is that we created custom tooling for our press brake that allows us to form the bar stock. Thanks to our expertise in metal fabrication, we are often able to come up with creative solutions that improve manufacturability and reduce costs. 

If you’re looking for a creative fabrication solution for your business, our team is here to collaborate with you and help develop a solution that will get you the parts you need.

These unique metal parts, shown above, are the chassis for a rehabilitation bicycle that is in use nationwide in physical therapy offices, hospitals and gyms. These are complicated parts that require a variety of fabrication processes to complete, as well as a rigorous QC process to ensure precision.

Utilizing flat sheet laser cutting, tube laser cutting, tapping and welding, the individual component parts of this weldment are created out of mild steel. Along the way, our fabricators pay close attention to a closely-defined QC process to ensure the finished parts meet or exceed the client’s specifications.

This QC process includes critical auditing using custom inspection jigs to ensure that each part is geometrically precise to within very tight tolerances. We are experienced with close-tolerance parts, unique inspection schemes, and precision work, so we are happy to discuss your next precision fabrication project. 

If you’re looking for a metal forming supplier who can bring your next metal fabrication or welding project to life, contact us today. Our fabrication experts are standing by to help!

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