Fabricating Custom Racks for Glass, Metal, Storage & More

As a leading PA metal fabrication service, we are often asked to fabricate custom storage racks for a wide array of materials. Over the years we’ve built racks to store glass, metal and other materials for a range of industries. Whether it’s the construction industry, live entertainment staging, or something else, our designers and fabricators have delivered when it comes to heavy-duty custom storage solutions that you can’t find anywhere else.

Read on to see examples of two different custom storage systems we recently fabricated, and contact us today to discuss your needs. If you’re looking to design or fabricate a heavy-duty rack system to store your unique goods or products, we’re ready to help!

Custom Fabricated Storage Racks for Glass

These racks shown above were designed to hold heavy, thick panes of glass. The glass they hold is imported from overseas, stored in these custom rack units, and then shipped to construction sites across the country as needed.

In this case, our client had an initial set of drawings which our designers helped to fine-tune for manufacturability and value. Often, if given the chance, our designers can use their experience to help make a project better, easier to fabricate, stronger and less expensive. 

Made from sheet metal and structural tubing, we used a variety of cutting and fabrication methods to produce the component parts that ultimately became the racks. After shearing, saw cutting and forming the necessary parts, the racks were MIG welded together before a final powder coat finish in the client’s specified blue color.

Over the years we have built hundreds of these racks. The racks are sturdy, long-lasting and are fabricated in a variety of sizes to hold a wide range of glass panels. Thanks to our close working relationship with this client, we support their ongoing needs with repairs and refurbishment of existing rack systems when they become worn or damaged. This helps our client maximize the value of each rack over time. 

Custom Fabricated Material Racks for Live Entertainment Production

These unique racks were custom fabricated to support a client who builds projects for the live entertainment industry. Although they are put to use in a unique setting, they’re simple custom fabrications at heart.

Working from client-provided drawings, our team used laser cutting, saw cutting, and MIG welding to turn structural tube components into this custom mobile rack system. 

With caster wheels added to each corner of each rack, the racks can be moved from zone to zone as our client builds out their products and readies them for shipping. The racks are safe, easy to maneuver and strong enough to hold heavy component parts during assembly. 

Upon completion, these racks were put through our rigorous quality control process, and then painted before delivery to our client.  In this case, we helped our client meet a very tight manufacturing deadline by working quickly and accurately, and ultimately delivered the project ahead of schedule.

Custom Fabricated Racks for Any Application

If you’re looking for a custom fabricated rack solution for your business, contact us today.  No matter what type of product or material you need to store, we can help you design and fabricate a custom racking system that will store your goods safely and securely.

Our shop is your shop, our team is your team. What can we help you build? Contact us to learn more about our custom metal fabrication services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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