Recreating An Ice Auger

We’re not sure if this large ice auger is used to make slushies, pina coladas, or something else, but when it was brought into our shop it was in need of repair. With a break about halfway down its ten-foot-plus length, our technicians decided that it would be more practical to simply recreate the auger from scratch. This would make it stronger and longer-lasting.


Thanks to our wide array of metal fabrication equipment and our experienced designers and technicians, we were able to quickly craft a new auger. Our client, a machine shop that did not have the capability to roll or weld a new one, provided a few machined parts and we took it from there. Our shop was able to roll the round bar and precisely weld it into place along the length of the auger.


The result? A new ice auger that is stronger, more robust and will definitely last throughout many seasons of ice drilling.

If you’ve got a unique fabrication challenge, give us a call! Our team enjoys coming up with creative fixes like this and looks forward to helping with your next repair project.

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