Recent Metal Fabrication Projects – On Time, On Budget, On Spec

As a leading metal fabrication service, we’re constantly working on interesting fabrication projects for our clients. And whether it’s a single custom piece, or a full run of thousands of parts, we’ll make sure your project is on time, on spec and on budget. Check out photos and descriptions of a few recent projects below, and contact us to learn more about how our team can help bring your next project to life!

The pieces above are drums for a commercial landscaping machine. Made from steel tube stock, flat stock and bar stock, these pieces were cut and welded together. Because these drums will spin only a few feet from the machine operator, precision is of the utmost importance. The next steps for these parts include welding carbide teeth to the outside of the assembly that will ultimately dig into turf and help landscapers keep their properties looking beautiful.

This cutting, forming, welding and finishing project is a bracket to hold bumper assemblies onto truck bodies. We provide fabrication services for a number of clients in the vehicle outfitting industry, and at any given time there are thousands of parts flowing through our facility that will be used on ambulances, truck bodies, trailers and more. These pieces must be strong, durable and precisely fabricated to hold the bumpers properly. And they need to be finished perfectly to blend in with the rest of the truck. If you’re looking for a fabricator with experience making truck body components, consider SPEC FAB!

These custom fabricated brackets include a number of precision processes. From initial cutting to forming, welding and powder coating, our team makes sure each component part of the final assembly meets spec before proceeding. When finished with a glossy white powder coat, these brackets look great and work perfectly in our client’s final product.

Finally, check out the truck body steps shown above. In order to create these pieces, we designed custom tooling to punch the flared holes that give the step traction. Without these “pooches”, or flanges, the step wouldn’t grip as well and could lead to dangerous conditions in wet or snowy weather. This is a great example of how our team looks for ways to make our clients’ parts better. By investing in tooling, fixtures, detailed shop drawings, and other considerations, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure every project that leaves our shop is as perfect as can be.

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From cutting, to forming, to fabricating to finishing, our shop is your shop. So contact us today to learn more about our metal fabrication service, and to discuss your next project. Our team is standing by and ready to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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