MIG Welding VS TIG Welding: Understanding the Pros & Cons Before Starting Your Next Project

What projects call for MIG welding? And, when is TIG welding the better option? Choosing between MIG and TIG welding comes down to several factors, and there are pros and cons to each. The right answer lies in the type of project you’re doing and your desired outcome.

MIG welding is a process where an electric arc forms between a consumable MIG wire electrode and the metals being welded, causing them to melt and join. This type of welding is strong, quick and cost-effective. MIG welding is capable of the types of large welds – like welding a 1” plate – that other welding processes can’t, making it the go-to welding process for large projects where strength is key.

TIG welding is also an arc welding process. This process, however, uses a tungsten electrode and a filler rod to form the weld. The tungsten wire is non-consumable, maintaining a consistent force of electricity that heats the metal and filler rod. TIG welding is much slower, but also capable of precise, high-quality welds. The filler rod is fed by hand, allowing welders a great amount of control.

So, which type of welding is best for any given project?

If You’re Welding…

An underground foundation    →    MIG Welding

This has MIG welding written all over it. If you need a strong, large weld that’s cost-effective, then MIG welding likely provides you with the results you need. There’s no need to spend the additional time and money TIG welding a part that’s destined to live underground and out-of-sight.

A motorcycle frame    →   TIG Welding

Any type of autobody welding should almost always be TIG welded. TIG welding is capable of a great amount of precision, so it’s ideal for parts and projects requiring clean, attractive welds.

A high-volume, high-precision rush job  →   Robotic Welding

That’s right, Robotics! When weighing the pros and cons of both MIG and TIG welding, don’t forget to factor in a shop’s robotic welding capabilities, especially when you need high-volume work done fast. Robotic welding has more benefits than you’d think and is a reliable source for high-quality, consistent welding.

Determining the best welding process for your project will come down to several factors, including time, quality and cost. Partnering with an experienced metal fabrication shop with a long history of success and a deep understanding of the latest welding techniques is the fastest path towards success.

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