Meet Our Newest Team Member! The New Ercolina CE50 Angle Tube Roller

We’ve always been your complete forming shop, handling any bending need your parts required. Now, we’re proud to add to our capabilities with the newest addition to our shop floor – the Ercolina CE50 angle tube roller.

As we’ve continued to grow, the need to add machining capabilities to our shop has increased tremendously. The addition of the Ercolina, in particular, came out of our desire and ability to invest in a customer’s project and bring in the best possible equipment to get the job done. We’ve focused on growing our capabilities over the past year so we’re ready to handle any project you bring us; big or small and no matter how complex.

The Ercolina CE50 roller allows us to deliver tube rolling results even faster and more efficiently, and fulfill increased customer demands. Its hydraulic center roll positioning is a key feature of the machine. This allows us to work faster and continue to produce highly consistent parts, which means your parts are machined and assembled quickly, saving you time and money.

A few of the other features the Ercolina adds to our shop that benefit our customers include:

  • Faster bending speeds, 20% faster than before
  • Increased pipe capacity
  • Reliably consistent angle rolls due to simultaneous downfeed and roll movement
  • And much more!

Check out this video of the Ercolina in action at our shop!

If you’re in need of quality tube rolled parts quickly, or any high-quality metal fabrication service, we’re here to help! Contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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