Manufacturability Assessments for Metal Fabrication Projects Ensure High-quality Parts

The successful production of parts requires every aspect of the manufacturing process to go smoothly. And it all starts with a part’s design. At Spec Fab, we provide manufacturability assessments for fabrication projects to evaluate a customer’s part design and suggest improvements before the metal fabrication process beings. Whether we’re involved in developing a single prototype or making a part for a high-volume fabrication job, we apply our expertise, technology, and collaborative skills to give you exceptional results.

Manufacturability Matters

Because of our extensive experience in providing custom metal fabrication solutions, we understand what’s required to successfully take a product to market. Every part and component must be made with precision. Whether you have a rough sketch or a finished CAD drawing of your part, we can evaluate what you provide us and assess the manufacturability of your design. If a design doesn’t translate to successful outcomes in the real world, we’ll re-engineer it to ensure it does. We’ll develop and improve upon your design, making improvements that will result in stronger, more reliable parts that are cost-effective to produce.

Collaboration and Creativity Matter

Creative solutions are our specialty at Spec Fab—and we’re here to share our knowledge and skills through the entire manufacturing process. From design to prototyping to fabrication to finishing to assembly, we assist in every facet of making your products the best they can be.

To ensure we understand your project’s deliverables, our entire team—project managers, engineers, AND our fabricators—get involved in the collaborative process. It’s that open communication—that exchange of information and feedback—that leads to optimal outcomes. Not all fabrication shops realize how vital teamwork is. At Spec Fab, however, we recognize that it’s essential to delivering quality and cost-effectiveness. Teamwork wins every time!

Who You Choose as Your Custom Metal Fabrication Shop Matters

The metal fabrication job shop an OEM chooses will impact its manufacturing projects’ outcomes. To ensure you get the utmost quality, production efficiency, and value, check a fabricator’s capabilities before working with them.

Are they a full-service metal fabrication partner with experience in design, cutting, milling, welding, forming, finishing, assembly, and more? Do they have a reputation for problem-solving and collaboration? Fortunately, Spec Fab meets all of that criteria—we have the experience, skills, and an unparalleled commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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