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At Spec Fab, we’re constantly working on interesting projects for our customers. And whether it’s forming, welding, or other fabrication processes, our team works day in and day out to create essential parts for our clients’ products.

Read on to see photos of a few recent projects that have come through our shop, and contact us today to learn more about our services. Our shop is your shop, so contact us today to tell us about your fabrication needs!

The industrial component shown above is manufactured to precise tolerances from mild steel.  Thanks to formal quality control processes and first-article inspection procedures, we make sure that every part is correct before shipping. Processes for this part include laser cutting and forming.

The parts pictured above are guard mounts for landscaping machinery. Our shop provides laser cutting, forming and welding to create these weld nut assemblies. Although they look simple, these parts require precise tolerances and perfect welded joints so that they will hold up over years of rigorous use.

We can provide a variety of finishing services too. These white, powder coated parts are mounting components for industrial truck bodies. They are fabricated from mild steel and feature laser cutting, forming and powder coating processes.

Another commercial truck body component is pictured above. These parts are made from mild steel, and are laser cut, formed and powder coated by our team. We stock materials, manage inventory and provide a variety of supply chain services to help this customer create their products.

If you’ve got a fabrication project in mind, we’d love to help. Whether you’re looking for a welding service, a forming service or a fabrication service, our team is standing by. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote on your next project!

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