Finishing What We Start: Full Assembly Service Sets Spec Fab Apart

Aligning the right partners is critical in any area of business. At Spec Fab, we recognize that a manufacturer’s reputation is in the hands of its suppliers, and so being a great supplier is a role that we take seriously with each of our customers. And to use, being a great supplier goes beyond simply fabricating parts.

Many shops will help you produce a part. We, however, design, fabricate, finish and handle all aspects of assembly and delivery. Our full assembly service means you’re not spending time on logistics, and your completed components will ship on time every time.

In fact, most other metal fabrication services can’t offer the same high-quality assembly service that we can. Read on to learn how we do it!

Tools, Processes & Trained Technicians  
Our ability to accurately assemble finished components and even finished products come directly through work supporting our sister company, TURF TEQ. The TURF TEQ team manufacturers professional landscaping equipment and has the tools, processes and skilled technicians to get complicated equipment that works correctly day in and day out the door. So we know what it’s like to finish, crate and ship products to end users, and we apply that experience to best support our customers.

Precision Documentation
Whether you’ve got finished drawings or not, our design team can create clear, easy-to-follow shop drawings for every step of the assembly process, and for each product we assemble. This ensures accuracy, helps us get parts assembled faster, and creates a roadmap so any of our technicians can jump in to assemble just about any product. Sometimes, it even helps us help you by suggesting ways to make your parts and components stronger and more cost-effectively.

Hydraulics, Electronics & Beyond
In many cases, we source and supply additional components that augment the fabricated metal parts that we create. This means installing electronics, hydraulics, automated components, wiring harnesses, and other parts. By handling these additional assembly needs, we can help you consolidate your supply chain, save time, and reduce logistics from shipping parts to various facilities. And you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that even complex assemblies with multiple “moving parts” will leave our facility tested and working perfectly.

The Perfect Location
We love our home in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania for lots of reason – not the least of which is that we’re close to most major highways and metropolitan areas up and down the East Coast. That makes shipping and logistics easy and efficient no matter where your products need to go.

Ready to Learn More? 
We’re confident that by turning your assembly service needs over to us, we can help your business work more efficiently and get the highest quality parts to your customers faster. To learn more about how Spec Fab can expertly handle your product assembly needs, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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