SPEC FAB is a complete forming shop that has the equipment and technicians to handle all types of bending from simple to complex. We constantly invest in technology, such as CNC control, that allows us to work quickly and consistently, and we invest in highly-trained technicians that know how to create perfectly formed parts every single time.

Our state-of-the-art Darley 200 ton x 10 foot press brake provides consistently accurate parts. By programming and saving each individual part into the brake’s computerized control system, we can form precise parts repeatedly and consistently. Using V-Bend software our operators can upload approved .dxf files directly into the press brake – saving valuable time during set up. Starting with a .dxf file for each part assures quality and accuracy, and makes sure that the part matches your print every time.

Our current inventory of forming equipment is listed below. If you have any questions about specifications or capabilities, please contact us today to learn more.

Darley EHP175 Press Brake

  • 10 feet width
  • 200 ton capacity
  • Multi axis backstop
  • V-Bend software package for uploading DXF files directly

Di-Acro Hydra-Power Press Brake

  • 8 feet width
  • 75 ton capacity
  • Auto-Bend IV backstop
  • 36” Wide Roll

Darley EHP 135 Press Brake

  • 8 feet width
  • 150 ton capacity
  • Multi axis backstop
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