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We use design to solve problems, create a smooth manufacturing process and help our technicians understand the best way to build a project. So whether you’re supplying finalized CAD files or simply a napkin sketch of an idea, we’ll provide design oversight that will help to make your parts and products better.  LEARN MORE


As an experienced prototype developer, the team at SPEC FAB knows how to take a product from initial idea through to final production. Prototyping is a critical step that can help save time, reduce frustration and save money when you’re bringing a new product to market. LEARN MORE

Metal Fabrication

Even beyond our wide range of equipment, our team of fabricators, designers and administrators has the experience to deliver perfectly fabricated parts on time, on budget and with minimal hassle every time. If it can be made, we can most likely make it! LEARN MORE


We’re not done when a raw metal part comes off of our fabrication line. Thanks to the various finishing services available in our own shop and close by on our local manufacturing campus, we can put the finishing touch on your parts while adding color, durability and shine. LEARN MORE


Our goal is to help your organization in whatever way we can, and if that means assembling a single product or 1,000 products, we’ve got you covered right down to the packing slip. LEARN MORE

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