At SPEC FAB we use design to solve problems, create a smooth manufacturing process and help our technicians understand the best way to build a project. So whether you’re supplying finalized CAD files or simply a napkin sketch of an idea, we’ll provide design oversight that will help to make your parts and products better.

Using SolidWorks computerized drafting software, we can generate both 2D and 3D drawings of parts before they go into production. 3D renderings in particular can help identify potential part or product issues in advance, and save the time and energy that would otherwise be spent working out problems during production. 3D renderings also help our fabricators visualize the parts they’re creating in advance so that they can be sure they’re working accurately and crafting a final product that matches the drawings perfectly.

Oftentimes, we can use our design experience to look for ways to make a part stronger or more cost-effective. For example, if a three-dimensional part can be formed from a single piece of steel instead of welding three pieces of steel together, the resulting part will be stronger and less costly. It is these types of considerations that the design process helps us work through in advance.

Additionally, input from an experienced designer can help achieve maximum manufacturability. This means that we can provide guidance and experience based on years of fabrication experience that will ensure the parts you need are built in the best way possible. It is important for the sake of accuracy and high-volume repeatability that production considerations are included during part design. That way, no matter what you’re manufacturing, your parts will be the best that they can be for your specific application.


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