Designing & Fabricating a Unique Stainless Steel Prototype

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Our PA stainless steel fabrication shop was recently asked to fabricate a complex new product – an industrial microwave heater for Targeted Microwave Solutions (TMS Inc.) that removes moisture from aggregate materials providing a cleantech solution to traditional industrial drying. When this client first approached SPEC FAB, they had a… read more

Fabricating & Welding a Custom Aluminum Water Filtration Tank

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We recently completed a unique project that’s a great example of how our PA fabrication and welding service can customize a solution for a specific application. Our client, Terre Hill Stormwater Systems, wanted to create a variation on one of their existing water filtration products. Their systems funnel storm water… read more

Fabricating & Improving a Line of Mobile Vehicle Lifts

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Our PA steel fabrication shop always looks for ways to work with clients who want to streamline their processes. Our ongoing work for a leading manufacturer of mobile vehicle lifts is a great example of how the team at SPEC FAB can help create efficiencies, improve processes, and ultimately deliver… read more

Fabricating & Welding Stainless Steel Vats for Mixing Chemicals

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Our PA metal fabrication and welding shop recently completed a unique project that started as a hand sketch and resulted in custom stainless steel vats for mixing chemicals. Read on to learn about this interesting project that showcases SPECFAB’s unique mix of services. First, our client provided us with a… read more

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