VIDEO: PEMing & More

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Meet Chad and learn about PEMing, the process of inserting a nut or stud directly into a piece of metal. PEMs are great little parts that can solve a number of fabrication challenges. Thanks to their compression-fit nature, they don’t require welding or other mechanical means of attachment. Best of… read more

From Napkin to Fabricated Product!

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We were asked recently to work on a very unique project for Terre Hill Stormwater Systems. Terre Hill builds water quality structures that use a series of inclined plates to remove sediment and other pollutants from storm water. This project was for a highly-customized installation at a very high-profile construction… read more

Fabricating a Heavy-Duty Lifting Device

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We were recently asked to fabricate a custom lifting device for an assembly plant, and our fabrication shop delivered a beautiful finished part that worked perfectly. In this application, as you can see from the photo below, it was important to lift the tractor evenly. Thanks to an adjustable “pick… read more

Making Jigs & Fixtures

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An important aspect of a fabricator’s job is to look for ways to make their job easier! That’s why we encourage our technicians to get creative when it comes to making custom jigs and fixtures that will help them work more quickly and accurately. Here’s an example of a fixture… read more

Recreating An Ice Auger

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We’re not sure if this large ice auger is used to make slushies, pina coladas, or something else, but when it was brought into our shop it was in need of repair. With a break about halfway down its ten-foot-plus length, our technicians decided that it would be more practical… read more

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