How To Tell If Your Aluminum Welding Shop Puts Quality First

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It’s mission critical to select an aluminum welding service you can trust to put quality number one on its list of priorities. And at SPEC FAB, we believe the only way to deliver welding services – whether for aluminum, steel or stainless steel – is with exceptional workmanship. Read on… read more

How To Tell If Your Stainless Steel Fabrication Shop Makes Quality A Priority

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If cutting, forming or welding of your stainless steel parts isn’t done perfectly, your product quality can suffer—and that could leave a permanent mark on your business’s reputation. That’s why it’s important to select a manufacturing partner that won’t let you down. When you choose SPEC FAB’s stainless steel fabrication… read more

VIDEO: Check Out Our PA Robotic Welding Service

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Our robotic welding service is the best way to manufacture high-volume parts quickly and precisely. With a top-of-the-line Yaskawa robot, a variety of welding tooling, and a smart fixturing system, we can program, test and run parts fast. Whether you’re looking for robotic MIG welding or robotic TIG welding of… read more

3 Great Reasons To Use Our PA Fabrication Shop

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Whether you need an experienced metal fabrication shop to produce quality parts for your business or you’re in search of a design team to bring your ideas to life, our team can help you from start to finish. At SPEC FAB we offer custom solutions you won’t find anywhere else…. read more

A Structural Steel Truss Fabrication Service For Tough, Complex Projects

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Our PA fabrication service recently completed a complicated project – a structural steel trussing system used to support a complex industrial structure in a critical environment. Due to the complex nature of this project, our team mobilized quickly and collaborated closely with our client to deliver the project on-time and… read more

Top Three Things to Look for in an Aluminum Welding Shop

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When you need aluminum welding services, it’s important to look for a manufacturing partner that has the in-house capabilities and experience to produce exceptional results. The integrity of your parts and products depend on it. As you search for an aluminum welding shop, make sure the vendor you choose has… read more

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How To Tell If Your Aluminum Welding Shop Puts Quality First

It’s mission critical to select an aluminum welding service you can trust more